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    Intelligent Production \ Intelligent Equipment \ Intelligent Decision \ Intelligent Operation

    Intelligent Production

    Industrial cloud-FlexEngine                    

    Create solutions for the factory in C2M,The platform includes:supply chain management system (SCM), advanced planning and scheduling system (APS), manufacturing execution system (MES) and warehouse management system (WMS), In addition, the platform is based on the above four system builds on the big data analysis system (DES), a 3D simulation system (SMS), situation monitoring system (PMS), operation and maintenance management system (OMS), unified data acquisition (OPC) service interface, a complete system of platform products, the formation of the closed loop system and good ecological products. Build a transparent factory to achieve intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing.

    Intelligent Equipment


    Intelligent equipment n-Join industrial artificial intelligence system

    Intelligent manufacturing equipment has sensing, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, control functions of the manufacturing equipment,It is the integration and deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology. Focus on promoting the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, complete production line automation, intelligent control system, precise and intelligent instrument and test equipment, key parts, components and general components, the development of intelligent equipment, the realization of the production process automation, intelligent, precision and green, driving the overall technical level of industrial upgrading.

    Intelligent Decision


    Artificial intelligence API platform

    Manufacturing enterprises are faced with the double pressure of demand side change and supply side surplus, and survive in the cracks, Ewin intelligent decision makers for intelligent factory solutions put forward the concept of Intelligent Manufacturing Based on private cloud, big data as core, and artificial intelligence.

    Intelligent Operation

            Advanced Supply Chain Planning  Zeus big industrial data system  Industrial Intelligent Cloud Platform 

    Ewin smart operating layer is divided into business intelligence,Intelligent supply chain management and intelligent monitoring, both top-down "demand driven production, on-demand production, customized" series, and the production level of bottom-up information to management decision-making level, to achieve refresh and dynamic display, support operational control.


    More than 10 years of intensive industry

    Achievement perfect program

    Automobile Spare parts Machinery and equipment Appliances Big health Electronic Energy Tobacco Accessories Clothing Logistics Park

    Brand Customers

    Customers Distribution


    The driving force for Intelligent Manufacturing -- big industrial data

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